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Orchestrated romantic relationships, soul mate counterfeits, love-bite scenarios and energy vampirism

An orchestrated romantic relationship with a strong degree of paranormal activity, coined as love-bite in the fringe field, is a sudden infatuation or love obsession that appears to be orchestrated between 2 individuals for a particular type of emotional highs and lows. The romantic connection is arranged, interfered with or influenced in such a way that emotional, spiritual and psychic vampirism takes place, usually via one partner who acts as the primary energy vampire. Exposures to narcissism and psychopathy are an intensive training to understand what is in the head of psychopaths around the world. In these cases, a spiritual answer is needed as we are dealing with a complex relationship dynamic that is linked to spiritual warfare and emotional energy vampirism.

In our reality where pathology tends to be normalized, the twin flame concept is very often used to provide a cover for these types of relationship settings or for cases where trauma-bonding is mistaken for love. In this world, everything is done to prevent true love and real soulmate connections to rule and blossom as it is a great threat for the control system, with the heart energy being a portal that can superpose itself to the grids of control and make a way for the organic laws to shine. Finding one’s soul mate and happiness in love requires emotional maturity, spiritual wisdom and an acute discernment. A level of psychopathology present in one of the partners, such as addiction or narcissistic fracture which enables one partner to be used as a portal or a vector for something else to operate. They may have controlling, manipulative, abusive and attention-seeking behaviors with a lack of empathy and a sense of entitlement or a Jekyll-Hyde duality, switching from one moment to the next from seduction to predation. They may also exhibit a paranormal controlling influence suggesting an hostile overshadowing. For the clairvoyant eyes, facial expression may change, with some distorsion of the face features. The possibility to witness invisible interferences or presences during or immediately preceding the relationship is increased.

For the trained experiencer, it will appear that other levels are at game in human dynamics, with a battle of force manifesting through human relationships. This takes place within a non-physical phenomena zone and involves a form of intelligence that is able to transcend space and time or insert thoughts or memories into the minds of humans. Whatever form of artificial intelligence is running through the narcisstic puppets, it is something that knows their targets very well and that knows which angle to choose, which entry points to use or which words to anchor for a long lasting impression. The aim is to anchor important key moments in the memory, making them appear as particularly beautiful and emotionally (falsely positively) charged. The words that one wanted to hear but never could are given as a bait. Everything is done to create the perfect moment that we might want to hold on to. The grip always happens through a deep-seated unresolved fracture or trauma within the self. There is an underlying jealousy and hostility to who the target really is and the organic light they hold as if they did want all of them, yet they will only ever be able to be a pale copy of it. It is in fact a creation coming from the targets themselves and their own light, inspired by them and their own organic life energy, which is being mimicked and mirrored back. Thought injections are always based on the existent wounding of the targeted person which acts as an entry point. These forces can not go over the law of consent and free will. Therefore they will use all unresolved or unconscious weaknesses and wounds for targets to be ending unconsciously signing countless traps of agreement that tie them tighter and tighter in the prison. Both partners’ energies are being harvested and transfered. When the agreements are revealed and released, these forces do not have grip or control over the targeted person any longer. When one starts to open their eyes to the real animosity and hostility directed at them through other people around them unable to be accountable for their shadow sides, then settings and social engineering will start to appear in plain sight more evidently.

I am not referring resources for this topic external to this website because most of them are to my eyes compromised or corrupted. I tried to compile sufficient information on here and other articles on recovering from narcissistic abuse or overcoming. It is my intuitive opinion based on constant and durable observation that some researchers of this topic are either conscious or unconscious handlers of the fringe community.

Profile of the targets

People affected by these kinds of settings are in majority involved in a healing profession such as social work, counseling or psychic intuitive work or in research into fringe topics, spirituality, what is labeled as the conspiracy field and the alternative media scene. Usually very intuitive or even psychic, they are involved in truth seeking and the movement of the rise of consciousness. Having grown up as sensitive empaths with a high empathy factor, targets tend to be lacking a certain sense of assertiveness or tend to be having boundary issues. Yet, once a person is hooked up with a pathological, narcissistic type of partner, even using assertive and compassionate communication skills won’t be effective. Emotional intelligence means being able to state clearly what one feels and needs while being concerned that the needs of others are being fulfilled as well. Manipulators usually don’t play fair in their relationships. That’s the reason why once a repressed empath is learning new skills in terms of boundary setting, a part of their old relationships eventually falls apart, as the old programming is being revealed to light.

Because of an unacknowledged mirroring taking place through the pathological fracture of one of the persons, a great sense of ease and psychic connection may be experienced. Yet, very quickly, the draining part is starting to take place, emotional manipulation starts to unveil with often the experience of physical complaint and exhaustion. Specific energy centers of the body are targeted (generally either heart, solar plexus or root center). Paranormal abilities (such as telekinesis, telepathy or remote viewing) may be amplified. Programmers may pair their targets sexually for an increase of psychic performance or a mutual handling. These relationships may be used to perpetuate a particular trait (high psionic or dissociative abilities for example). The harvested energy may be used for giving fuel to other types of experiments and projects while implants may be placed to ensure obedience. Some targets are used because they live in a genetically modified body, an opportunity to make genetic surveillance in a multigenerational way for example. All hybrids are psychic. Nowadays military don’t walk into your house anymore. In the field of abduction and paranormal testimonies, many are in confusion between what really happened and what happened in virtual reality experiences (that can act as a screen cover): virtual reality experiences can be used to harvest emotions as well. Human energy is mainly used for nutrition and entertainment (usually malevolent sadomasochistic sexual activities).

The psychopathic partner

The psychopathic profile is a keen observer of every move and every reaction. He is observing how the target is interacting with other people to profile them and learn more about how they are wired. They may have an addictive need to talk for long periods of time, remaining in the victim state of circular thinking patterns where no resolution of the issue occurs. They are also psychic and are not aware of what is going on a conscious level. They do not want to take responsibility or be exposed for their actions. I invite you to consult my article on overcoming narcisstic abuse which covers their profile and manipulation techniques such as gaslighting and toxic triangulations much more in details.

Prevalence in the new-age scene field and reinforcement of the trauma loop

The new age scene is a fertile playground for these kinds of settings, playing with Saints, Ascended Masters and Angels (all actors of the false-light narrative). In my case, a new age tarot deck was also used to manipulate my unconscious field, falsely indicating a true love relationship. Cult leaders and religious gurus have the perfect profiles to be used as vector and host for some type of attached hostile energy. The agreement often works through their addiction to power and control. Most of the new age organisations and themes have been infiltrated or staged to keep control over the main narrative of the spiritual war we are finding ourselves into. At each step of the spiritual evolution, sophisticated traps are cleverly being used to match the new levels of expanded awareness. Targeted individuals are also very often blamed for getting themselves in such settings, especially in new age circles where the common mantra is “you create your own reality”. A certain lack of compassion is certainly being displayed and can lead to trauma loops. It is to be noted that this mantra will be of no use when someone is dealing with the frequency signature of psychopathy that is using shadow projection of blame, shame and guilt that need to be rejected for what they are.

True insight, healing and empowerment cannot take place in the face of blame nor without compassion. Boundaries are physical, sexual, relational, emotional and spiritual. Human boundaries are violated from being belittled, mocked, ridiculed, treated with contempt or sarcasm and shamed and shadow projected upon. An overpowering dynamic, judgment, threats and any other forms of violence and abuse may also be at play in the game. A way to cross boundaries is to make sexual interaction happen as fast as possible, so an access of the deeper core emotions of the target can be guaranteed. The target usually is not aware of how their boundaries have been crossed by not being given the time to give space to their own experiences. On the path of healing, there will be a great need to learn how to build an emotional reliable support in one’s life.

Modification of the timeline

These settings are used to try to neutralize researchers getting too close to share truthful information bringing positive impact and change into the world. Targets of love-bite settings may be on the verge of a greater awakening or they may have a specific mission. There is an attempt to interject a potential future, making the target take detours and loops in the hope they will get lost on the way and make a different choice that will affect their whole timeline. These settings are a way to influence and engineer someone’s timeline as the relationship will demand a great amount of life force investment. The person through which hostile forces are manifesting will often want to engage in debates or arguments, directing the target away from their goals and their focus on their life purpose. These types of scenarios may lead to life-changing decisions, including moving to a new city, changing jobs, getting divorced or changing gender preferences. Libertarian tendencies may be encouraged (open marriage with the intent to produce a child with specific genetics for example). In my case, the settings (there were several) took place before I implemented a big shift in my life, with the creation of my online projects and before I started to have a greater positive impact onto others by sharing my story, research and experimentations.

The fake synchronistic meeting

The meeting is often mistaken for a benevolent synchronicity, with the illusion that a magical opportunity has been taking place, reuniting the 2 persons. In the field of spirituality, it’s very common to see an orchestration being mistaken for a meaningful coincidence. Only the illusion of linear time, which is in fact more cyclical and a feedback loop, will reveal that it is in fact more a bait than a positive event, meant to steal away time and energy. Synchronicities, omens, precognitive dreams, spirit visitations, insights, vivid dreams, feelings of dejà-vu and other paranormal activity may occur as well.

Red flags and gaslighting: recognizing an abusive setting

A red flag is an internal warning system that activates itself when in the presence of a dangerous person or situation. All humans are born with a sensory response system, which the fight or flight response is part of. Some signs are subtle feelings while others are more overt, such as nightmares or psychic warnings. Due to mind control, instinctive responses are being reframed and shut down. An early exposure to gaslighting, distorsion, emotional manipulation and covert abuse will create a breach in someone’s psyche making it harder for them to see through the spells that are operating. When we are growing up, we get used to predatory energies around us and their distorted signature, which creates a vulnerability for the future as long as it has not been acknowledged and rejected for the inverted principles that it holds. When a child is normalizing abuse as something normal because that’s all they know, their instinctive responses become repressed and are accessed with a greater difficulty. The healing journey comes with a necessity to reeducate ourselves by paying a close attention to our very subtle reactions and by starting to deprogram the generalized numbness and freeze processes. It can be like a maze-type journey, navigating the numerous false paths into the human mind that has been fractured, compartmentalized and programmed with information.

Psychopaths are expert deceivers even with people who have no former abuse history or assertiveness issues. This is explained by the mass mind control we all have been subjected to. Coming back to pure instinct and intuition is of prime importance and the most important skill to develop: this internal compass of discernment through the body intelligence will give indications that defy the rationalization that often takes place to excuse someone’s behavior. Usually, the target tends to rationalize the situation thinking they are to blame and that they should look deeper into their shadows. Guilt might also be unconsciously activated. On the other hand, flattery will be used to place the hooks: attempt to make the other feel special, like they are some kind of unique spokesperson or emissary. This is a temptation for which the person will have to pay a heavy price as when one accepts a false compliment based on a lie and desire to please, filling a broken place within the self, they give an agreement to be used for their life energy as they are not acting from a sovereign and self-sufficient place. Yet, even with the mimicking of emotions, something will still feel off. For example, it will be difficult to feel genuine emotions without having to try harder and force oneself. One might think they have to show more empathy and think they are being heartless, while there is no point to feel genuine emotions for an act.

It is necessary to work on excavating hostile signatures and areas where people are using self-serving frequencies as a disguise for their unresolved dark parts. Many behaviors are excused and silence is kept on them. It is time to mark that we do not consent more vocally and firmly. Are we able to retrace the journey of our thoughts and detect the red flags that indicate in us a place of wounding (like a feeling of gratitude based on a previous wound that is blinding)? Any desire is being hijacked as long as we do not have full mastery on how to dream it and as long as it is dreamt from a broken place within the self. If one wants to play the game of manifestation, it’s always best to focus on the intended experience (the experience of respect and recognition for example) than to focus on the intervention of an exterior element or another person (as it then becomes entangled with black magic, impairing on someone’s free will). Anything coming from an unconscious place of loneliness or lack will be resulting in deceptions and engineering in our lives.

Energy vampirism

Psychic vampirism, as opposed to a simpler form of emotional vampirism, is characterized by complaints such as solar plexus sensations, back of the heart energy center (between the shoulder blades) and exhaustion. A kirlian photograph may reveal the weakened field of a victim after psychic vampirism and a significant and undeniable change in the energy fields. Puncture marks may last several days. This type of parasitic draining is disastrous for physical and emotional health, finances and reputation. One can tend towards consuming more stimulating food before spending time with the other person, which in the long run exhaust the body and deplete the adrenal glands and other body systems. During intercourse, feeding tendrils are usually plugged deep into the core of the partner from every angle. Another form of energy draining is psychic dream walking where a person is astrally visited to feed off of their subtle energies. This occurs when a person uses a preexisting psychic bond to connect with the sleeping mind of another.

Personal experiences

One of these psychopathic persons I found myself with was protesting when I was burning sage and was jealous of my spiritual intuitive connection to this realm. I believe it was fascinating for him (or whatever was working through him). At the same time, he would have liked to incorporate it in himself and steal it away. These profiles learn to get better at deception while observing organic models. My first impression when I met him was that he had a strange face (clairvoyant abilities in gestation as he was completely overtaken by hostile forces). Then I got used to seeing him and warning signs went away. His mother was a full-blown overtaken narcissist, a plastically charismatic woman yet, underneath there was a certain kind of ugliness. Forces running through them were delighted to play together in their family drama. They also were keen attenders of Tony Robbins’ workshops, needless to say it was purely about self-serving motives. There was a lot of fakeries in their house and despite the luxury, it never felt really like a real home.

At the early beginnings, I already noticed how this person was intruding my field when I would have needed a moment to myself. My need for rest was not respected or even taken in consideration. He was using manipulative emotional techniques (can you feel it?), creating feelings that weren’t there or that weren’t mine. It started to feel more and more as if I was being chased like a prey. He was forcing his presence into my space and without my permission. A warning sign is for me to lose patience or not to feel genuine emotions where I would usually feel empathy. It means without a doubt that I am dealing with an act, a mimic and not a true emotion. There should never be a need to wait later to install firmer boundaries. My throat was starting to hurt too. Urinary infections also indicate that the space is being invaded. Some dreams did warn me about the danger and some paranormal things that I won’t go into in details here did occur.

I had the feeling he was able to explain what was going on in himself way too clearly and it did not ring true. He was saying that his rage was in relation to the love he had for me but I knew it was purely narcissistic rage. He was going from one reaction to the next without any emotional logic that I could make sense of. This sudden change was a surprise for me but it was in fact pure acting: he was simulating human emotions. He was not checking if I was okay after a traumatic event. I witnessed him being overtaken several times, which brought up a lot of sadness while I was breaking the image I had built of him. Once the image was reconciled with the truth, there was no more sadness or blind compassion either. When I decided to cut ties, he brought the family dog that I had bonded with to use as a weapon for emotional bargaining. He tried to blackmail me: the dismissal phase took place with lies and a lot of anger and narcissistic rage. He was trying to guilt me out, to threaten me or to punish me, using any piece of information he had gathered about me. I ceased all contact and he soon understood he had no grip and went for the next prey. After leaving, there were a few intrusions within my dream space where he was trying to arm me. I did not have any hope for him as there was not an ounce in him that was genuinely willing to break out of the shell. I did not have to regret something that was never there. I didn’t take the anger or the blackmail personally as I had been educating myself about the psyche of narcisstically broken profiles, their maneuvers and the tactics they used. I knew it had nothing to do with me but everything to do with the disorder of his personality. But I reviewed how I got myself into this situation and quickly deprogrammed. The next trick was already set for me and was waiting.

Multiple love-bite settings

The thing is that, at that period of my life, there was a double love-bite setting taking place. As I was away and traveling through California, I was exhausted by the heavy targeting through other people’s minds as I had started deep deprogramming. I was constantly handled by the same type of intellectual overpowering energy, in therapists I would consult or in people I would work for: I was literally going from handler to handler and most of them were males. It led me to live in close proximity and under dependence (including transport wise) from another kind of handler. There was a vulnerability due to the fact I needed to rent places to stay and needed to travel with public transport or make agreements to travel with other travelers. A brutal form of engineering was taking place at that time where I had not deprogrammed enough to be able to navigate the choices in front of me with more clarity. This came after attending the Oregon Eclipse festival (obviously not the best idea) and a huge satanic ritual (Burning Man – see my article about energy harvesting at festivals) which led to intense complications and supernatural hostile ramifications in my life. After these meetings, I felt several times an invisible energy interfering with my field and the compound of this interaction was definitely of a sexual nature. I cut contract for it to go away.

This case was more severe with long-lasting energy harvesting that is still not completely deactivated up to this date. I accepted to take responsibility and the blame for things that weren’t mine to take. I let things be said because I was feeling dependent on having a roof over my head. It took me longer to identify the way my energy was being harvested. It ended up in a complex situation, opening a portal between my shoulder blades and some vicious and brutal energetic attacks started from then. I got myself into a pretty serious trap of agreement, an unconscious permission that I granted, based on my own codependent coping mechanisms that I had established in my early years to survive in this twisted world. There was a lot of repressed suffering to had been kept silent facing this form of recurrent domination in my life. A work on recovering from gaslighting was necessary so I would stop to accept the blame for things that were not my responsibility. I also learned to let go of settings where others were projecting outwards unconsciously while being unable to show accountability for that.

In the case of this profile, he was consuming a lot of entheogenic mushrooms and engaging in sex magick. He was distorting the field in such ways that some things were appearing as they weren’t. He was creating drama settings where there was none. On the surface level he was doing “kind” things for others, like providing them with food but it was indeed service to self. He would always insist on preparing food for others but would never accept food that was prepared by others. It took me quite a while to be able to perceive the real mask underneath, not pretty and quite machiavelic, constantly feeding from other people positive projections and lights and their tendency for guilting themselves. When I met again with him two years later, my programming had broken apart and, although a part of me was still in doubt because of his apparent altruism, my inner self knew that the energy signature was deception and mascarade. My body though was having somatic responses to being around him and wanted to be out of the predatory field. I had the intuition to throw away some of the fruits that he was picking up and was insisting on giving to me. Sleeping in the same cabin as him, I woke up feeling totally drained and as if a train had driven over me. Between my shoulder blades, it felt like a numb and draining sensation, as if I had an inflamed muscle.

Recently new types of handling have been attempting to mind control me through other forms of disguises, but mainly through this overpowering male intellectual energy, or love-bombing techniques in the hope to install the necessary hooks to derail me from my path. These types of handling scenarios, which are using the narcissistic fractured parts of individuals as a portal, are also happening in friendships, bonds with family members or at work, including relationships that appear to be positive but that are handling us in some hidden ways. It maintains the seeker in an artificial timeline, under control. When are we becoming stagnant in our lives?

The way out: breaking all ties and reversing agreements

When one realizes the experience they were having is not what they were thinking they were signing for, the realization might be quite brutal. But it might also be smooth, depending on how willing one is to deprogram. There is no set rules about how it’s supposed to be. The deprogramming journey starts with the acceptance to grieve when realizing the relationship was based on programming and not true love. Something that will definitely help is to be firmly determined to heal and get over this and to firmly let go of all attachments to the other person, not letting blind compassion be in the way. The real healing is about working on the integration of the entry points that led to the experience of such orchestrated settings.

One important thing to learn is to monitor the process of falling in love with someone or developing attachment, and to keep one’s eyes open in order to be able to see through the masks. There is no one to blame as all are puppets and victims of a wider game of mind control. Victims become perpetrators and perpetrators become handlers. Through their programming something else is operating. In fact, there is nothing to be sad about because all of it is engineered, it is an act purely for energy harvesting. The most important is to get ourselves out of it as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible. Indeed, when energy is being harvested, measures need to be taken to reestablish balance and reclaim our own right over our life energy. Actions reveal the color of someone’s heart, not words or appearances. With the energy of personal authority, we may always ask internally to be shown the real face and truth of someone. And this shall always be revealed.