Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The deception of the transgender agenda and its impact on the human psyche

The intent of this article is to shed light on the confusion created by beings pretending to be who they are not. For me, realizations did actualize once I gave myself the authorization to give more credit to my perceptions. Now, this agenda, which goes way back, is within me a certitude and I get more and more insights tuning into the energy signature of others. Indeed, anti-life energies have a signature attached to them and one is able to train in recognizing a dissonance between what is presented and what is perceived. The problem lies in the fact there is an intent of deception, whether conscious or as a self-serving fulfilling prophecy. In this realm, elite bloodlines and hidden forces are interested by all means in inverted energies. These inversions always take place with a hint of arrogance, for example trying to make us think we should be the ones to mother nature while it’s nature who has always mothered us.

Elite circles have been transforming their sons into daughters and their daughters into sons for centuries in the deluded belief to unite female and male principles within one being. But it’s only now for a few decades that they have had mass media to promote their ways internationally and affect the mind of everyone on the planet. Baphomet, which is a symbol often referred to in transgender symbology, is an androgynous character bearing the characteristics of female and male where separate forces are in equilibrium – as above so below. The concept of androgyneity in occult philosophy would be representing the highest level of initiation in the quest of unifying with God. The true symbology though might be kept for high-level initiates. Is Baphomet a symbol for Lucifer, Pan or the “Green man” of the Templars, knowing that green is a color used as a code for mind-controlling operation ? Its symbol is usually associated with « dissolve and coagulate », a principle of separation and rebuilding which might be referring to an alchemical process. In this sense, this concept may be seen as a distortion of the organic alchemical marriage of the inner male and female. These male and female energies are not about someone’s gender since we all carry a balance of both.

Structure and skeleton

Sex reassignment surgeries have a big impact on the human psyche. For the inversion, tall girls are picked and small boys. Their sizes might even be altered from the hormones and genetic modifications they are going under from the womb. Transitioning to a different gender than the biological one can become part of a trauma ritual. Transgendering children systematically as a ritual has everything to do with abuse. The problem lies in the fact we are being told someone is one thing when they are another. As a result, both the masculine (action) and the feminine (nurturing) are being knocked down. Feminity is being taken away from women, masculinity from men. The problem lies in the fact that there is a darker agenda meant to lead humans further away from their organic connection to nature and the organic matrix of this realm, which overrides the rest of the artificial matrices. The further away we renounce our original biology, the more we merge with artificiality and AI imprinting. Any decision leading us away may risk a breach, a fracture at different levels of our being. Everything is made for us to be giving consent about altering the biology of our human bodies. They have already started to biologically modifying us, whether through the spraying of heavy metals, through the creation of an electromagnetic prison or through the addition of oestrogens, endocrine disruptive chemicals or sterilizing agents in substances we consume, in plastics or in soy products. These substances tend to mimick the way our real biological hormones function but it is only a counterfeit ; it will be in the way for our own body to function at optimum.

For a man transitioning to female, skeleton characteristics will give the deception away: big hands and big feet, Adam apple, deep set eyes and a pronounced eyebrow ridge, a masculine gaze and powerful male presence, the inclination of the femur. More importantly, men have a lower body fat than women. Their skinny male body is bonny, more than what any female person will ever be able to attain. The more we age, the more our bone structures and skeletons come out. Men who transitioned to female have been put on hormone blockers and have been taking oestrogens for long, which is changing what happens to the body when it grows. Plastic surgery may be added to the mix. These operations have an influence on the physical body and also on multidimensional levels, as the human original biology is being taken over. Very often, plastic surgeries come from a place of low self-esteem and the desire to find an answer (most often love) outside of oneself. All of these interventions can be considered as trauma rituals for the human body which is going further and further away from its original signature and biology. Millions of dollars have been invested in the shaping of the body of actors and actresses and it’s not only about plastic surgery and the quest for eternal youth, it is mainly about gender bending: chest implants, transfer of fat, plastic surgeries to feminize or masculinize the face, decades of taking oestrogens and testosterones. Observing the hip area will most of the times be giving it away. An x-ray of their skeletons would be the real and only tangible proof. But a good sense of observation may also be of assistance since one can’t change the size of shoulders or fingers or the hip area. Now, one can ask themselves what corsets and red lipstick were really about, as a social engineering operation back then. A lot of Youtube channels nowadays study the proportion of the face, bone structure and skeleton of celebrities to unmask the deception. Unfortunately, many of these transvestigations are done with a tone of hatred or carry christian shame or distorted views, which are also anti-life concepts disguising as false light. Some rely on sensationalism or gossip. This isn’t the answer either. We constantly have to ask ourselves if something is serving our personal growth or if we are hooked to it through the dopamine rush it produces.

Psychological welfare on young impressionable minds

It is very possible that a small minority of the human race genuinely feels they are born in the wrong body for different reasons. Yet most of the times, it might be about multidimensional entrapment. From my direct observation and interactions with transgendered beings or the gay and lesbian community, much of transgenderism or these identity crisis are related to unresolved trauma, body dysmorphia and mind imprinting. Can we really change how we feel inside by how we look outside ? Our bodies are Earth suits and unfortunately, they are being heavily targeted and harmed every single day. Changing gender is often a solution addressing symptoms but not going back to the cause of the unease. Transforming the human body is most of the times a method to further the harm and the trauma. The introduction of foreign matter inside the human body feels unatural : any woman who has experienced the placement of a coil would know about how foreign this might feel and how it disrupts the functions of the body on many levels.

When there is a deliberate intent to harm and create psychological welfare, there begins the problem. Subliminal programming is especially dangerous during childhood and teenage years when the identity is at its peak of inner building. Gender swap is something that has now become trendy, and this should be concerning. It is used to mind-control vulnerable psyches and shift their timelines. Implanting gender confusion into the minds of young individuals, a confusion that was not there in the first place, creates a great deal of pain on all levels for individuals and their families. The agenda is targeting young children in order to create confusion at the earliest stage of development. Later on, they would mistake the implemented seeded idea, which did not come from their real core identity, for who they think they are. The result is severe psychological and emotional issues in the long run leading to physical and spiritual issues. The minds of young children is being seeded with the idea that switching genders is a natural thing. It has everything to do with the glamorization of a mental illness, created as a trend and the push a narrative : “gender” would be something one can choose. Out of desperation, we see vulnerable beings ending up selling their bodies for money or to be able to join schools under certain conditions or programs (where agreement is being given for all kinds of invasion and overtaking). We shall be reminded that they are obsessed with us being under contracts. It is really about realizing how much we have been duped, tracing back in our younger years when we were cheering for mind-controlled celebrities or perpetrators, and the impact it had on our lives.

An important thing when an urge is observed, especially when talking sex reassignment, is not to act impulsively and give the decision time and space, learning to recognize thought injections and trauma loops in the psyche and learning to recognize what true spirit communication feels like. Only time can reveal these things because the technology in place is so sophisticated at mimicking the way our spirit communicates with us, that it is hard to tell the difference. Going for the transition comes with the price to be more medically followed, with hormones being checked regularly. Hormone therapy is a big industry as it is associated with a lifetime spent visiting doctors and « health » (death) centers. This is a huge market, with many funders and many who are profiting this business and this destructive agenda : mainly scientists and researchers, drug manufacturers, biogenetics, pharmaceutical companies, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, surgeons, hospitals, universities and billionaires having investments in all of the above. As always, it is about making money out of human misery. Robots are being created to enter the heart of children through cartoons or their childhood early bonding memories. This is also what Disney is about, imprinting subliminally the consciousness with complete distortion and evil frequencies. On the side, the implementation of laws to gain control over children in foster care systems is being pursued with the idea that governments could end up being authorized to have the right to legally sterilize them. We can see the slow progression of the sterilization agenda where natural births would not happen any longer and where genetic data banks would be doing artificially what nature used to do in the then distant past. The birth process is becoming more and more an artificially controlled process, including through insemination methods and the medicalization of pregnancies and delivery work. We can ask ourselves, what are they doing with the genetic data under their control?

Recognizing the impostor

Men’s body fat percentage is different. Men can achieve to sculpt their bodies in ways that women will never be able to reach. Women have higher body fat for reproduction. Looking up to deceptive models of males pretending to be biological females is damaging for the psyche of young girls since they will never be able to match up what men born with testosterones look like when they have transitioned. Even after a radical transition to female, a man still can not embody the principle of being a naturally born woman. Moreover, men and women do not age the same way. It creates suffering to implement this male models with breasts into the psyche of young beings in development. Because most clothes are made for narrow waists, most women end up in self loathing after going shopping and looking at themselves in the mirror, feeling awful about the shape of their bodies, trying to fit in clothes thought for a male waist. As we are growing up and building our identity in this realm, we tend to look up for models because our psyche has usually been enmeshed by different layers of programming. Young individuals need to be reassured, valued as they are and recognized, validated in order to self validate their sense of existence.

This agenda has been greatly affecting my vision of feminity and womanhood as a young woman in development, especially in front of body proportions that were impossible to meet. Seeing men being presented as women has been massively influencing me in terms of body image : it was impossible for me to meet these standards, as I was born with the original body of a biological woman. I was not aware models presented in front of my eyes were deceiving. Inverted deception produces very damageful psychological effects on the psyche of young individuals. When starting to deprogram from this, I realized it was a major part of the gaslighting campain : pretending that one thing is something when it is actually something else. Later in my twenties, my identity was molded away from my organic nature through the good girls gone bad programming, it mainly came from girlfriends whose minds had been imprinted so much they were passing on depravity programming. I had to become aware of this and reclaim my original status and equilibrium, no matter how the majority was behaving around me. Our senses of identity are heavily targeted and a lot is being done to install very early trauma. Children needs our sanity and our protection, more than ever.

Engineering society

At first, when awakening to this hidden reality, it felt like myths collapsing in front of my eyes. Now, I came to a level of quite steady integration. One question remained : was there any real woman I had seen on my screen since I was a little girl ? Neither real men neither real women were represented in front of our impressionable eyes ; mainly the counterfeit version is represented, for it to become the new agreed upon normal. There is an energy exchange when we grow up being deceived by people we tend to give our admiration to and start projecting upon. This agenda is also about splitting the family unit : in addition to the division caused by affecting the mental health of children, parents may also be threatened if they try to oppose the assimilation of their children by the voracious machine. They may risk to be blamed for medical neglect if they stand up for the mental health of their children. Now, there are discussion about passing the theory of gender neutrality, stating that gender identity is a result of social learning and can be changed through behavioral intervention. It is leading us to accept transgenderism, androgyny and genderless identity as a perfectly natural thing while it has been in the past quite confidential and not a generalized inverted trend. When we renounce our natural human gender identity, it leaves vulnerability if the transition is leaving a breach for a takeover by AI technological life. The anti-human plan is to annihilate a great deal of the population and to use the rest as a genderless and family-less specie plugged into electromagnetic grid systems. For passing their new ideas, after having prepared the population for decades with trans-icons (Bowie, Prince), anti-life bloodline families use our inherent goodhearted naivety against us, play with our emotions and our nervous system.

For long, the CIA and secret services have been involved in pushing this agenda. Feminism was engineered and carried out by men who had transitioned to female and were pretending to be biological women. Leaders of these movements were transgender beings hiding their original gender. Most of the LGBT movement is a mind control operation. We have seen this in sport too with the term « cisgender ». Athletes are not classified by weight, height and muscle mass but by their gender and their age category. In sport, this transgender debate is carried out to create more divide and conquer loosh with rules that are arbitrary especially in the midst of deception. It all becomes confused as they are mixing gay right concepts into the mix. Now, the use of pronouns is being modified, an alteration in language, another tool of control for the human mind. Ulterior motives are very clear for the ones who are trained in recognizing energy signature. The aim is to be passing laws and making agendas progress and of course, as always, to create more confusion and division along the way.

A high percentage of transgender people attempt suicide, especially after reassignment surgery. The rate is much higher than for the other categories of the population (49%). We can also observe how it is also about the planification of the reduction of the population and a sterilization plan to gain further control over the reproduction process of the human race while mechanizing the process of procreation. Despite a high rate in suicide attempts, founders and profiteers continue to disguise their operations under the pretense of glamour, liberation, acceptance and freedom of the mind, when it has everything to do with the contrary, since the field has been infiltrated by eugenicists who are carrying out experiments on the human race.

Researching this rabbit hole as a consequence of gaslighting

When I started to awaken to this agenda, it created fascination and strong body responses. The transgender deception shaped my idea, in my younger years, about how a woman should look and behave, and participated to create a lot of body shame especially around my waist area. I could never fit the standard presented in front of my eyes, I was not a biological man. There has been so much trauma and distortion imposed subliminally coming from these lies that it was much to cope with. I had all these memories coming back from the numerous and countless times when I had looked at my television with disbelief thinking there was something terribly off with what was happening in there. I wasn’t getting it : what was Cher doing in number one position for so long, what about Drew Barrymore’s strange features, the surreal absence of body fat in Keira Knightley or the abdominal line of Pink ? How could women reach body shape standards set by anorexic men taking oestrogenes ? Wasn’t it very confusing that 2 persons posing as lesbians were actually gay men promoting lesbianism ? It was for me. Younger, I was going through these kinds of feelings and had to dismiss my unease because something was presented as true, and it wasn’t – it aggravated the fact that I was not believing in my own perceptions (I was also gaslighted at home and at school, as most of us). These techniques are intended to have this kind of effect on the human psyche and are even more aggressively targeting a specific range of individuals : repressed empaths who do not know themselves and the rules of the game. The aim is to invalidate their perceptions, telling them what they are seeing, what they are feeling is not real and should not be taken in account.

Men’s and women’s behaviors are not the same : there are intrinsic differences between the psyche of a man and the psyche of a woman, as for their energy signature. Men tend to have more aggressive characteristics to their energy signature as a mean of primal survival. We think females naturally have this male energy in them yet, it is very tiring and unnatural for women to try to match up with these kinds of aggressive energies. All these inversions have been setting the terms for my vision of what a woman looks like, behaves like, how a woman is aging, what kind of shape her waist should have. For many women, this distortion will often manifest in self-destructive programming or attempts to control their food intake, their weight and their body shape. Once someone is fighting with an eating disorder, most of their energy and life investment goes into this inner war. This neutralizes them and keeps them busy with their inner self loathing programming while they are unable or very slowed down to move forward in their lives or spiritual evolution paths. They are neutralized as a potential thread for the matrix control system. Nowadays, I understand much deeper how the fashion industry is a well-thought system to control women with creating a fracture in the image women have of themselves. When I was a teenager and later as a young adult, I developed an authoritarian relationship with myself based on self loathing and self-hatred, a desire to want to disappear and keep myself small and unseen. I was buying to the lies presented to me as truth because I had been taught that what I was perceiving wasn’t correct ; I was buying to the propaganda because it was so powerful and coming from all angles. I surrendered under the psychic strength of the majority, I could not give credit to my reality since no one else seemed to be sharing a similar perspective. So I started to accept parts of the inverted system but it never worked out for me and I always, always kept on looking for answers, with great fervor. They sold me men disguised as women, they had to repeat, repeat, until I wouldn’t find it strange anymore. It was all upside down and it is no wonders there are so many struggles considering all these subliminal harmful programming going on.

Sacrifice programming

As I am deprogramming from the projections, interpretations and accepted beliefs I have let entering inside of me, I am remembering the very odd feeling to have been looking at the television with disbelief ; I am remembering that at some point, I just stopped to ask questions and accepted to sign for self-destruction. This is how one traces back programming, back to its source, back to when the subjugation, hypnotism and fascination started to take place. This is how we keep on unplugging. As I am keeping on deprogramming from the mass media hypnotism, I realize how I always had the greatest sense of longing and empathy for the greatest perpetrators as for the greatest victims. I could tune to their traumatic fractures and, as part of my main programming, « carry the weight of their burden for them ». It is about sacrifice programming for the ones having chosen to survive by gaining the sympathy of their perpetrators, taking in charge part of the trauma they keep on projecting outwards. Needless to say it’s a mess of spiritual bypassing. Psychically, I could tune to the immensity of the fracture of the minds of such beings. I have spent a great lenght of my life to be in this self-fulfilling prophecy of sacrifice. These unconscious commitments were keeping me neutralized in many ways.

Most of the magazines for women (fashion, beauty, well-being) and most of the magazines for men (including Playboy) are playing by the rules of this deception. There is something disturbing to encourage men lusting after another man deceptively. It definitely has spiritual consequences when men are fantasying about beings who are not real women but presenting themselves as such : it creates inversion and blurred signals into their psyche and sexuality. It also sets standards that can’t be met by biological women. It tricks us all as soon as we consent to recognize these people as life models and give credit to their absurd circus. Moreover, our time is our most precious currency. Now, after many months of integration, this agenda does not disturb me any more, I do not research it any longer and it does not make me feel sick anymore. But I see it at play everywhere I look, especially in the US political scene when I see pictures of « mayors », candidates or newscasters. Many Youtube celebrities are also part of this trend, including several who are promoting the vegan lifestyle or creating parodies about the spiritual community.

Programming coming up

I had different experiences with the LGBT community – they all had to do with unresolved trauma. More than a year ago, I attended a yoga class in London. The teacher had a lot of gay mannerisms and a lot of unresolved trauma. Something strange took place. My programming of distorted female energy started to react very strongly. I was observing what was happening, I knew my ideas and thoughts were not to be taken seriously (they were very radical and out of nowhere with a strong hook trying to anchor itself). I was aware I should not be taking any of these thoughts seriously. As I wanted to understand what it was about, I checked his social media page. Going through his profile revealed a lot of information about his fracture and it gave me a lot of insights on what took place in the yoga room. I believe there were artificial implants in his field to which I was responsive: he was very invested in the LGBT community, he was projecting his trauma outwards out in the world and not addressing the core wound that needed to be addressed, he had developed a very charismatic and magnetic false persona. This was the perfect ground for me to « answer the needs of others » and do the work for them, which is one of my core handling programmings. After my research were done, I deleted his profile.

I am always suspicious when I am starting to have a strong reaction in the presence of a man and I always stay present with what is happening, not mistaking what is happening for the truth but observing the triggers and what gets activated. From time to time, programming is coming up to the surface with an activation of my nervous systems or rushed or extreme sensations. I have learned not to act on them and just observe them. What is the most difficult for me to overcome is in line with my early childhood enmeshment : I have learned to carry the energies for men who were not accountable for their own journey, in exchange for their approval, protection and for them to back of with their threatening energies from my field. This is a dynamic that I instantly recognize and that I don’t want to let install in my life any longer. Some men are just not able to function on other types of dynamics and I just pass my way. Knowing about these dynamics of survival can be useful yet making sure for them not to be recurrent in life is essential.

The fakery of Hollywood

Celebrities are nothing else than propaganda agents who are pushing agendas in movies, through their lyrics and subliminal symbology or through the positions of influence they occupy. Movies are indeed about shaping our thoughts. The dream of making it in Hollywood is another illusion: no one really makes it in Hollywood or is discovered for their talents, it’s all part of the script as they belong to elite bloodlines. Talent is also often staged, with lip singing and technology covering for the lack of original creativity (Katie Perry was caught staging flute playing). It has to be known that most stories presented to the masses (as the pretense of female celebrities escaping an abusive relationship) are also fake and scripted. It is all part of the distraction and subjugation. Hollywood actors and actresses are vectors who carry sinister agendas, including the popularization of mastectomy or the me too movement.

The word « casting » in the cinema industry wasn’t chosen by accident : these people are wizards, black magicians and occultists that are using their knowledge for anti-life purposes. Nowadays, their methods are more aggressive. Still, what they pretend is happening is never what is indeed happening, even when it’s about « openly transgendered individuals ». Once more, what we are being served on a plate is not what it pretends to be. Caitlin Jenner might even be a woman having transitioned to man going back to woman after having taken many hormones and undergone many plastic surgeries. The result is a very strange creation, far away from the simplicity and sanity of nature. We see this at play as well in the movie The Danish Girl where the actor Eddie Redmayne is certainly a female to male playing the character of a man transitioning to female. The loop has come to a full closure of absurdity and deceit. We also see him/her appear in the movie Jupiter Ascending, where the cast and the directors (the now Wachowskis sisters who have transitioned from male to female apparently) are all in favor and representative of this inversion agenda.

The music industry and some of its favourite icons are not just about good girls gone. There are different layers to the deception. Many female singers are biological men used as vectors to influence the behaviors of young individuals, implementing programming in their identity and sense of self. Asian races are better at hiding the male to female transitions (think Jessica Alba). Some famous people promote lesbian lifestyle while they are, in fact, men pretending to be women. Signing for a lesbian experience can be implanted in the mind and may have nothing to do with the true original path of one person. Some celebrities (Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie) have been assigned with the task to be popularizing the use of surrogate women or artificial insemination, which often results in the pregnancy of twins because of the creation of several embryos. The obsession for twins is real (they probably make great case studies). It is also about harvesting sperm and eggs before the population becomes infertile, mecanizing the birth process and working on promoting cryopreservation (freezing the remaining embryos for later – but what for?). It’s about giving birth to children in very controlled and artificial ways. Being born in such a way comes with an already existent fracture within the spirit that renders mind control and artificial imprint easier. We can assume they already have in their data bases a ton of frozen embryos. Maybe that is where most of celebrities come from (many have spoken about the resemblance in their physical features and their family ties). It is about control breeding for anti-life bloodlines : look-alike celebrities are probably from these DNA factories (Keira Knightley/Wimona Ryder) and breeding programs. Other celebrities are all about propagating the lie of the man-made climate change, green washing or causes pretending to be protecting humans, animal or the environment while it’s in fact about gaining further control over the human race and all living thing. Some celebrities were born into cults (the Children of Gods for the Phoenix family or Julian Assange), the perfect land of experimentation to be propulsing them in their hidden tasks and undercover missions. Natalie Portman’s father is a fertility specialist. Brad Pitt’s ex-partner, Neri Noxman, is a designer and professor at the MIT media lab where she is researching on combining design, biology, computing and materials engineering. Her work embodies « environmental design » or « material ecology » and digital morphogenesis. We can be sure her work is not about what it pretends it is about ; it is in fact all about stealing from and mimicking nature and making it artificial, under the disguise of progress and research.

Hollywood’s couples are gender bending in front of our eyes. When pregnant, a real woman acquires noticeable puffiness throughout their whole body and it is especially noticeable in the face. Fake pregnancies with moon bumps are insulting and pressuring mothers to shape their bodies in ways that are unrealistic for a real biological woman. How do we know these celebrities had babies ? Because media told us so. The photoshopped photo of Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, 63, should be enough of a warning. Celebrities are now rising their babies as genderless, wanting for them to be able to « choose their own gender » (while nature already assigned them one). They want for gender not to appear on birth certificates anymore and for it to be declared an unnatural thing.

A possibility is that, when a celebrity’s death is faked, they might go back to their original biological gender. Who would think about looking for them there ? But for most, they don’t even bother (see Joan Rivers’ appearance at a restaurant 6 months after her staged death built on the narrative that she whistleblowed on Michelle Obama’s real gender). We heard Barack Obama call Michael during one of his political speechs but was it all part of the script ? Much of it seems to be part of the controlled narratives they are spoon serving the alternative community. When we don’t buy one level, we will certainly fall for the next layer of deception. Women of higher status (think Oprah Winfrey) would turn out to be men. Female sex symbols (Marylin Moonroe) would indeed be men and male sex symbols (Elvis Presley), in fact women. This would be the perfect brain washing operation. Why did they choose this actress (Jamie Lee Curtis) to play the part ? I was intrigued by Linda Hamilton playing the mother of John Connor in the terminator series, which left a strong impact on me.What is disturbing is that this character brings me back to my childhood – and they know about these psychological and emotional hooks. I was wondering what all the people buying Cher’s music were thinking about, feeling alienated with these choices that didn’t make much sense to me. I also do remember feeling very strange looking at Mel C of the Spice Girls and asking myself how on earth she had been casted in the band. Indeed, it’s very probable that the best-selling female groups are in fact inverted. The Spice Girls and other girl bands were used to implement the idea of female rivalry and jealousy. Transgender women are made to be competing against each other in the media to encourage division amongst women. Once again, it is all part of the script. Why are some of these celebrities still around (Madonna) ? Because they are masters at collaborating on the implementation of the darkest agendas, and quite successful at it. Most of them are fully overtaken due to the agreements they made for accessing their fame and status. For most of them being born in these bloodlines, escaping the mind-control and the brainwashing has never been an option.

Final words

The transgender agenda is essential to awaken to, as it’s been shaping our vision of the world stage. Becoming a master at recognizing energy signature is what matters the most. It is essential if we want to build protective communal spaces of healthy interrelating and living. Our attention and credit must be reclaimed from the fascination and subjugation taking place. For that, we have to become conscious of the power that lies inside of us and of the beauty of our creative abilities.


I have also saved deprogramming material in my playlist on transgenderism (link) and on the deceit of the entertainment industry (link). Here is a collection of saved pictures along the journey of deprogramming from this agenda :