Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Dismantling positive and negative projections and passive aggressiveness, including through social media activity, and aligning with personal integrity and the need for boundary setting

When one person chooses to show up in the public sphere, they will become more exposed for all kinds of projections and attacks. It is worthy to stand out for the truth, while it’s important not to end up chasing phantoms. An important reminder is that a critic from someone who is hiding behind a computer and projecting their shadows is not really worth anything. One can become trained to identify immediately someone’s energy signature, reading energies. It will save a lot of time and energy.

As I have become more and more able to recognize energy signatures, it happens that I don’t even finish reading the words that were intended to leave an imprint on my consciousness. I just take a measure of self protection and self preservation because the energy signature is enough for me to know where to stand with this person and the danger they represent. There is no need to dissect what is being said because it has distorsion written all over it. It does not say anything about me, but says everything about the person writing. I tend not to hold to the hurtful meaning intended and I tend to see beyond. I have no doubt in me that it’s not about me, it’s about the person’s wounding. I do not take it personally most of the times. I just step over it and keep going. I know there will always be new corners of backslash that I can not see coming ; I am ready to go through them as they arise. I have been dismantling layers by layers the codependency that led me to be a people-pleaser for a good part of my life. I have let go of wanting to control what the perceptions of others are and how they will be willing to treat me. I move forward with whoever is genuine and receptive to my work and my frequency signature and whom I appreciate too. When one becomes disrespectful and hateful, I will usually give one warning to test their ability to show accountability. The desire to break someone down comes from a broken place within the self and is the result of mind control and mind and soul fragmentation. Contempt, name-calling and judgments are proof of an inner unity that has been lost and indicate separation. On another note, love-bombing techniques may also be encountered. They are compliments that are meant to create an emotional attachment and that are seeded in a manipulative way to relate. They attach very often to the wound of not feeling loved, seen, heard or recognized. Narcissistically manipulative profiles use them abundantly, especially in the beginning of the relationship.

Coping with criticism and attacks on character

As Adapia D’Errico, who shares her passion for spiritual evolution and expansion, is sharing : « I’m deeply devoted to my personal transformation and self-actualization. I work on freeing myself from limiting beliefs and biases, constrictive conditioning and judgments, and false paradigms built on the need for external validation and constructing an acceptable identity. I am humbled by the complexity of what we are, what we are capable of, and how much we can truly empower ourselves and master our lives by mastering subtle skills of energy, intuition and embodiment and the not-so-subtle skills of self-inquiry, shadow work and working with the psyche. The ego is small, limited, afraid. The Soul is boundless, vibrant and whole. » Adapia is dedicated to a path of integrity: « the illusion disempowers us into a perpetual victim state where we negotiate our integrity for empty promises of validation and worth. Some of the most important decisions I made were completely internal – they didn’t require a breakup, a job-change or a physical move. When my heart speaks, all the intellectualizing takes a back seat. » In a 20-minute video, Adapia was addressing how after years of lying to herself, she realised she wasn’t aligned with her inner truth. She found herself trapped in expectations, the fear of judgment and shame, following her head instead of her heart (video link). The story was edited to a 5-minute version that went viral (in our society attention spam being very short), with hundreds of thousands of shares and comments. Some of these comments were attacking her personally. Adapia explains how this initiation made her grow from a naive mindset to a more integrated knowledge about the rules of public exposure: « I never imagined I would receive criticisms. If my intention was good, why would people hate me ? What had I done to anyone? Why were they attacking me? Why were they making wild assumptions? Why were they blaming me? Why were they taking things out of context?! Why was I being misunderstood? » She shares how she worked on dismantling the belief that the world was just a reflection of how she was inside. She faced the world as it actually is, including the overwhelming presence of shadow projections. There is an inevitable backslash of negativity that comes with exposing ourselves out there as a public figure. Being exposed comes with artificial intelligence curses and organic blessings. In addition, one of the main lesson is also to stay in control of the creative work and associate with people who have a great level of integrity and with whom a dialogue is always possible to adapt to whatever will erupt.

Keeping minimal on social media

There are lots of people I love and care about and who I don’t follow on social medias. It is because I would be constantly dealing with their underground programming. I need to preserve my energy in order to move forward in my life. It’s not my job neither my responsibility to be forced to witness the fracture of the mind of others on a daily basis. There is no utility to be exposed to hundreds of mind controlled posts and expressions second after second. It eats my time, my energy and my attention until there is nothing left. If I allow this on my doorstep, I am left with a lower vital energy. Some of these self-serving programs I perceive active on social media, I have dismantled in myself. I use my social media activity in a very much more controlled way than the average person, to potentialize the positive effects and diminish the negative ones. I have been tricked by artificial intelligence on Facebook many many times, traps that cost me a lot of my time and energy ; traps that have been used to get a hold on my consciousness and to handle my life.

Nevertheless, the decisions I take do not mean I don’t love people and that I do not wish them the best. Social media is just one aspect of life, not a representation of the whole. There is a difference that needs to be acknowledged, one step beyond the ego or the wound of non recognition, the trap of victimhood and the spell of division. Facebook was started as a hidden darpa project to track citizens around the world, doing it from their own will. Social medias are a tool of mind control. It’s my right to protect myself wherever I can and to place boundaries that I judge right for myself. Placing these boundaries is necessary for me to make my projects move forward and not be frozen as a garbage bin for the misery of the world. Through the pain of not feeling validated, recognized or even loved, the tendency is to project outwards these unresolved wounds. People tend to interpret these decisions as a judgment made on them, thinking there is a hidden motive behind the action. There just isn’t. It is an action aligned with the understanding of how mind control tools function and it’s about taking a stand to preserve one’s life vitality. When a story is built around a taken measure, it distorts reality. The mind is a trickster. Humans do not tend to see the world as it is but as they have been taught it is and as they have been wounded to believe it is. It leaves a stain on interpersonal relationships as beings are not seen as they are but as a projection. When people are not able to take distance, not able to own their psychological processes, I know it’s not suitable for me to actively express, though I am psychically aware of what’s going on. I accept collateral damages. I know from my personal experience losses and goodbyes are inevitable when people are not accountable for their projections.

Similarly, many people who have genuine love for me are not interested in the content I share. It’s invisible for them because of where they are in their journey and where I am in mine. I know it does not say anything about their love for me. And I understand if a friend needs to take distance for a while : it’s their freedom to do so while they are with their own process. The door isn’t close, it’s a temporary adjustment. It’s not personal and I respect them in their own rythm as I have true love for them. Moreover, nothing is set in stones : I constantly reevaluate my positions and change my subscriptions acknowledging where I am today and where others are in their journey. It’s okay to feel a need to retrieve. Who are we to intrude on someone else’s sovereign choice, believing we know better what is good for them than themselves?

On passive aggressiveness on social media

When someone expresses a snippet of opinion (it takes time to write a constructed essay and is not possible every day on social media, which I consider a space for trials and errors and for great learning), I see a tendency for some to jump to conclusions, going from A to Z without considering all the curves and loops possible in the discourse and unable to observe that a trigger is getting activated in them, motivating their automatic reaction. People don’t realise they are being passive aggressive, adding more toxicity and energetic pollution to these already very charged platforms. I have a zero tolerance policy on passive aggressiveness. It is not overt but one can feel it in the energy signature. It’s very widespread online, under the cover of the like button that becomes a form of silent protestation. I learned a great lot about passive aggressiveness from trainings in my past romantic relationships with very narcissistic profiles. At first, I was completely oblivious about it, yet these experiences helped me to have a training ground to become able to recognize this insidious signature. Let’s not forget that internet and social media have been envisioned to gain further control over the human race. The job of thousands of psychologists is to predict human behaviors and plan the future that is designed for enslaving more and more the human race.

Now when a public person has dozens and hundreds of persons projecting onto them, there is a big amount of psychic energy that is sent. Social media are designed in such a way to steal a little bit of time and energy here and there. When one person acts on their passive aggressive triggers, they are doing the dirty work, being run by forces that are greater than their own thoughts. They are acting like perfect matrix agents, causing the truth seeker to be slowed down. Nevertheless, a true warrior can never be stopped and at the end will end up only fortified by learning how to navigate this types of dynamics.

There is an invitation to check ourselves before taking actions that are not serving the collective and that steal away precious time and energy from truth seekers that could use their energy and time for much greater things. Furthermore, there is a price to pay individually for vibrating at such a 3D divide and conquer frequency. On the other hand, constructive discussion and genuine insights sharing are welcome as they give food for thought and invite to elaborate our own thoughts and to look deeper into our own understanding of this world. Yet I strongly reject unhealthy debating as it leads nowhere. Respect is missing from the relationship dynamic. There is a great difference, the energy signature doesn’t lie. Although feeling these projections can be hurtful, I have learned to keep my positions and boundaries when they feel right and aligned. And to identify what affects me and hurt me if necessary and to close the door and the entry point. I believe that true and wholesome healing is vulnerable, raw and integrated.