Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

On the necessity to collectively deprogram from the shame of ageing

In this day and age, the ageing process is a topic that says a lot about where we are in terms of spiritual development in our societies; it reveals how programmed and wounded our societies have become. The western world and now more internationally the whole world has been programmed by the deception of Hollywood and the entertainment industries for criterias of beauty that are unreachable, unrealistic and most of the time based on inverted values.

When we see movies, we are subliminally exposing ourselves to beauty expectations and programs that are not even related to reality. What is sold to us are images of what it should look like to be a woman or a man, what health should look like, while everything is focused on appearance. Really, we have very few role models for mentally, spiritually and physically healthy elders. It is an additional concern that many models are probably transgendered persons having taken hormones their whole lives and having undergone a lot of plastic surgeries. Subliminally, it’s been creating more fracture within the already wounded and traumatised self, programming people to be focused, identified and most of the times obsessed with their physical appearances trying to match unreachable criterias. Nowadays, the battle is being fought even harder as the aging process is accelerating due to the increased toxicity of our modern world, including nano-pollution. I see it in my generation, evolving through a much faster speed of life; our grandparents weren’t aging that fast. This deep shame around aging is installed in us like a software to keep humans silent and small, to tell them to hide after the beauty of their twenties has fade away. All around, it’s possible to observe the transfer of such programming, especially from woman to woman. Once the programming is installed, they carry it inside of them, and they look at other women through that lence. While we are busy with self destructive programs concerning our diet, our weight, our body shape, our self image, all of our time and energy are spent away from the spiritual path and the potentiality of freeing ourselves from the grip of slavery. While these softwares are running in the background of our minds, we are no thread for the hidden controllers.
Indeed, those doubts and concerns about our self image can easily be vacuuming all of our time and energy. So much money is being spent on expensive beauty products, esthetic medicine and cosmetic surgeries. These are now available to the masses and perpetuate the trauma even further. When our eyes are swollen, doctors never ask why, their response is the desire to inject volumes of liquid under the skin to make things even. Where as swolleness is just a symptom and can be reversed via natural methods – it just means the lymph system is having a hard time and need support. These solution-based interventions that do not address the cause have become normalised and the majority doesn’t realise or question the fact that this is coming from a wounded and fragmented place. These interventions are also linked to the transhumanist agenda, trying to sell eternal robotic youth through dehumanizing ways to treat the body. Furthermore, there is a real problem with plastic surgeries as it seems botox does alter the mind and participates in the numbing of emotions. While it deadens facial nerves and muscles, it also alters cognition and possibly empathy. The injection of a neurotoxic substance in the muscles to immobilize them happens very near from the master glands. Other substances have adverse psychiatric side effects (including the flattening of human emotion and the deadening of empathy). These injections affect more than the physical plane; they change how the human brain responds to emotional situations. In short, it profoundly affects and alters human consciousness.

On television, the programming around Peter Pan (based on Pan, the insatiable god of lust) and Neverland (a world of wonder and eternal youth) pushed by Disney (with Captain Hook as a handler with an unseen hand from mind control programmer) is certainly not foreign to this heavy programming around ageing. This Disney-related programming suggests to victims to escape and dissociate from reality. But once you set a foot there, you can never leave. Dissociation is a trap from the work of embodiment, staying present, feeling it all. The seed of timelessness of existence is implanted making it harder to cope with the sign that time is passing.

The despair in front of the degradation of the human body comes from a place of powerlessness and is linked to a deeply buried and deeply engrammed shame around the ageing process. This is a software that has been severely reinforced after WW2. When shame is around, there is no possibility to see beauty in the mirror. Some of us burn the candle by 2 ends until they start witnessing the results of self destruction and self hatred. Until one day the consequences of our actions start to be showing off and the decision is ours to take a complete 360° turn or not. Are the people around us the ones we want to grow by the side of ? Are they chasing phantoms, running away from their contaminating fears ? Have they gone so far away from natural laws that they seem like a lost cause ? Where is the love ? It’s time to face our collective demons. The image of elderly people too often equals becoming obsolete, useless and is often linked to a degradating and debilitating health. I grew up buying into the programming that getting old was getting stiff, and that the degenerative process wasn’t avoidable.

I had never looked at anyone, at my parents, through the lense of ageing until I became aware of my own ageing process and this shame and self hatred programming started kicking. It was when I was at the lowest level of self-esteem in my life – I had burned the candles by 2 ends for a couple of years, being consumed by the codependent structure I have been growing within myself as a coping mechanism. The programming was activating a mechanical and impulsive reaction to take action into doing something about it, pursuing the next miracle products, going to beauty institutes. Subliminally, just as everyone, I had been exposed repetitively to celebrities and public figures who really aren’t about health but all about plastic criterias. I could see where this was all leading and it wasn’t a place I wanted to consciously pursue in my life. So I started to become able to observe and stop listening to the mecanical responses that were urging me in a certain direction. Certain states of programming are desperate and can be very dark but it gets easier with time and practice. Starting to regenerate on a cellular level has been helping to stand by a certain sense of empowerment. I have decided I have no time to waste feeling miserable, ugly or unworthy. The problem with programming is the inability to see the inherent beauty. I am far from having deprogrammed deeply engrammed associations of ideas and inverted values. It’s also something that is more inherently targeting the female aspects within us and that will be a bigger shameful and pervasive issue for women than it will be for men. Programming around aging is different for males.

Nevertheless, I am choosing to redefine my own aging process : for me, it is about improving, regenerating and recovering health. Detoxification is a good teacher, sometimes face and body do feel swollen, sometimes the skin is struggling. Sometimes it’s not glorious, other times it is bliss. And while layers of puffiness that were covering the real state of inflammed and obstructed bodies are peeled, beauty and health need to be redefined and so do our priorities. So many sacrifice health over beauty. Will we be learning to see our unalienable beauty, will we reestablish a real dialogue? The body is the one deciding how it is going to be, not the mind. Growing older in a healthy way it is about losing interest to scrutinize our face and look for the flaws. Our faces tell stories about the journey we have been on. They tell stories about the layers of consciousness that have been accessed, the battles we overcame, the programming embedded in our consciousness that we managed to dissolve. I hope we (the ones who are doing the work seriously and with sincere commitment) are slowly, collectively, building a timeline that has our own colors.

When deprogramming from inverted values, shame dissipates. Are we not curious ? What will we look like when we will be elders? What will it feel like? What wisdom will transpire through our gazes? Will I be looking at my loved ones through the gaze of eternal beauty, and not through shame projection ? When I lay my eyes on women elders, I salute their bravery for paving the way of where I am heading. I look at young women and I smile too. I feel the link to the eternal cycle. I am not chained to one life and one human existence. I am preparing myself to be an elder who will be passing on knowledge: ageing In its sacred form is being a carrier and gardian of sacred knowledge and priceless wisdom. Growing older is an ever ending self discovery process. Outside of time and space, we are ageless and we are formless. We exist beyond form and time.

They were celebrating under the night sky.

In the early hours of the day, with the rising sun,

They were realising the lines on the skin on their faces.

Their children’s hearts had been lightening up the night.

They all know that beyond flesh,

There is something eternal that never ends.

This sparkle shines through innocence

In the presence of the infinity of the present moment.